Recalling BTC: How I turn an event into a Brand? | Episode 1

In the world of marketing, it is very important to brand a product before presenting it to the customers. Adidas, Nike, Apple, and Tesla, are some of the firms that have a huge demand in the market not only due to quality but also the brand name. Besides these highly commercialized brands, I will talk about one of the brands that were considered like any other motivational conferences organized in different parts of the world.

The name of this brand is “Boost the Confidence”, a two-day motivational conference series of Motivated Youth Organization started on March 16, 2013, and was warmly welcomed by the participant with 90-95% attendees. The second season marketing strategies were designed with a very low cost that helped this event to turn into a brand since the demand was recorded both on national and internationally.


In this seasonal article by the name of “Recalling BTC: How I turn an event into a brand?”, I will be sharing the strategies applied to making it a successful brand in a different episode. Today episode will be based on Step 1, and 2 shared below.

Step 1: Announcement | Something is Coming Cost: 0
Platform: Social Media

Method: I took best pictures from the first season of the same event, then posted them on the organization’s social media page with an announcement ’Something Big is Coming to the City’.

Goal: To light a spark before announcing the brand
Result: Feedback from the public


Step 2: Releasing a 15-second teaser | Platform: Social Media | Cost: 0

Method: Use the best snaps from the first season, including colorful outfits of participants, and turn them into a video with highly energetic lyrics. We used “Stand up for the Champion”
Goal: Help the teaser get viral with the statement “The Most awaited event of the Year”. This statement, along with the perfect teaser, is enough to adjust itself to the brand-making.

Result: People who didn’t attend the first season will react, along with returning participants. The Screenshot is available as proof.


Note: Until now, no money has been invested in these two steps.

Next Step: Time for “coming soon” banners to be released!

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