Recalling BTC: How I turn an event into a Brand? | Episode 2

Before entering into the second stage of branding “Boost The Confidence”, here are the remaining two steps that played a vital role in turning it into a brand.

Step 3: Releasing coming soon banners of “Boost The Confidence II” in the sports field. Cost: Less than 250 Pakistani Rupee ($2) was spent to print two banners.
Stadium Entry: Free Passes.

Method: The organizers went to a fully attended cricket match in Peshawar city, Pakistan. During the break time, organizers held the banners to get the camera man’s attention. They followed this by requesting the electrified crowd to stand with the banners for photos at different spots.

Goal: Educating the target market about the brand in making
Result: The banners sparked interest with a message of something coming to the city. The targeted audience was our youth, and the cameraman gave us 5 seconds of coverage. The best part was that social media had some substance to post about. We spent little money inviting volunteers to become part of something that is about to land.

Step 4: Using PR to request celebrities for taking pictures with “Coming soon” banner of Boost the Confidence II.
Cost: 0: since we used the banner from Step 3 campaign.


Method: Junaid Khan is a Pakistani cricketer, and is considered one of the famous faces in the world of Cricket. Luckily, a member of our organization happened to be his relative. To cash the opportunity we reached the cricketer through the same member and presented our cause. He appreciated the move and approved the request for taking pictures with the banner to support us.

Goal: To show the value of the brand to the public Next Stage: To involve the youth of the country to collect their feedback along with promoting the brand.
Result: As our targeted audiences were youth, so this step put a significant impact on stamping the Brand image.

Note: Involving females in such campaigns as 2013’s was a very sensitive matter due to fears of being targeted by terrorists. For these reasons, we included them in stage 2 of the campaign to have a greater turnout.

P.S. Stage 2 campaign will be highlighted in Episode 3 of the article series

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