Recalling BTC: How I turn an event into a Brand? | Episode 3​

The second stage is based on different activities to involve the public, and then collect the feedback in return. One of this stage role was to educate the new audiences with the brand and its importance for the public.

Step 1: Announcing “BTC Photo Contest ” on Social Media, followed by the participants’ responses. Three participants with the most likes on their posters will be awarded event tickets and gift hampers.
Cost: 300 PKR (less than $3) | Since there were gift hampers along with tickets for the winner.

Method: As explained above: we made a public announcement on our social media pages about “Boost The Confidence Photo Contest.” The participants had to: Write a poster “Boost The Confidence coming soon,” take a picture and share with us. Three photos with the most likes will be awarded event tickets and gift hamper after we share on our facebook page. Result: Our social media pages got more likes since the majority of the participants tagged their friends to get more likes. Some speakers from other states offered free services, and we received emails inquiring about event date, venue, and tickets.
Goal: To promote our brand by involving the public

Step 2: Getting public feedback through voting, to show that we listen to their views. Cost: 1000 (under $10): though the logos were gifted by a volunteer graphic designer, we also printed on paper. Also, one lucky person was chosen through a draw for a gift hamper and tickets.

Method: Through social media, we asked the public their views about selecting the best logo. Logos with the most likes and feedback through emails and texts would be used as an official logo of Boost The Confidence. We also named each logo to deliver our message broadly and placed them at different departments of the universities with the help of our organizers. The printed papers had the contact details and event social media pages so that the people can like the pages as well.

Result: We educated more of our targeted audience, especially the youth who were studying at universities. It also helped the public understand that we loved to hear back from them, and helped us to collect contact details of our market.
Goal: To deliver our message to a new audience.

Next Stage: The most accessible location and date.

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