I didn’t know what I was writing​

What I am writing today? I have no idea. And, why I am writing? I don’t have the answer. To express my emotions and feelings differently, I just start writing to cover something authentic. I am sure that I won’t be able to get a proper title for this, but still writing. I am looking around, thinking: finally, I see my car parked in front of me, and the sunlight is hitting its crystal black roof. Nature is playing its role, trying to help me in writing this piece by making my car look more shiny. Here you go, I got the idea of writing this article, and it is all about shining in the darkness and looking different from the competitors.

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The entirely black car just returned from a car wash with no dirt on it, is decidedly quite not disturbing anyone. The color is helping it to show its’ dominance over other vehicles that are parked on the right and left side. If we consider this dominance in the field of business, then it is regarded as marketing tactics that are fully supported by the yellow and white cars. There is this yellow car on its’ left side giving a hard time to my car because of its’ color, and this is called the competitor reaction. Now, for consumers, this is a tough call to decide that which of these cars will be their choice. If we integrate the features, then my car is Honda Accord, a full-size car, and the yellow car is Honda fit, a small size car. Accord rims are the mixture of silver and black that make its’ look very attractive compared to the Fit car which rims are only in silver color.

The trunk of Accord is large in size, while FIT seems to be a hatchback: though interior will also have a massive difference. Since I am 10meters away from the car so can’t judge the interior. But, the exterior clearly states the difference, and it goes in favor of my car. The white vehicles on both sides are BMW, Honda Accord, and Volks Wagen, but since the discussion was about the marketing tactics, so the black beauty with an exterior feature win the race, and the sunlight is helping to expose the shiny look of it. This is how the field of marketing work, you should look different with the help of colors and features, fully supported by nature. The more you appear different, attractive and innovative, you win the race no matter which brand are you competing.

Now, let us take it to the nature call. If we take this black color to the concept of nature, then darkness is full of negativity, frightened, and failures. We always think that the world is dominated by the negativity, racism, sexualism, and harassment: which is not true. The reason is, we don’t see the positivity all around, but focusing on negativity that is also disturbing our peace. This is as scary as having a nightmare in sleep, but when we wake up in the morning, it fades away. If we turn the paper and think the other way, this sunlight with a little spark on the black color is showing us that no matter how dominant the negativity is, still a small step of positivism is enough to make good things happen. This world is so beautiful so are the human, if we try to avoid the minor incidents, then we can make it more peaceful. You will feel the difference the moment you opened your eyes and will find the humans around you helping each others’, living happily.

The bottom line of this entire article: though I am finishing the piece but still have no idea to give it a title. I just tried to write something that was more real and could be helpful for us to live a peaceful life. If you didn’t like the article, avoid it: if you like it then share it.

“There are always three sides to a story, marketing, nature, and negativity: now it is up to you which side you are following”. 


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