Recalling BTC: How I turn an event into a Brand? | Episode 4​​​​

The third and fourth stages are based on finding the most accessible location for the attendees and then starting a chain of the events to increase the sale of the tickets.

Stage 3 | The stage is based on a search to find out the most accessible location for the audience that can also help us in tickets sale.
Cost: 5000PKR (under $50): since we went applied through the university students, and were given the discount.
Date: December 16 & 17, 2014: (last month of the year always bring more audience)

Method: We selected a hall with 300 capacity that was located in the heart of the city, University of Peshawar Pakistan. Two volunteers were hired from the academia through an interview process. These volunteers along with one of the organization members were assigned the task to use their resources to book the hall with the best price. In return, the organization will provide them free tickets along with mic endorsement.

Result: Thought the university hardly allowed outside organizations, but the above strategy helped us to confirm the venue for our event.
Goal: To sell out more than 90% tickets of the event, and create hype by getting the news channels attention. (Picture: University of Peshawar, Pakistan)

Stage 4 | Starting event chain throughout the country by the name of “Tweet The Mind” to promote “Boost The Confidence.”
Event (Chain Name): Tweet The Mind (TTM) Date: November 26, 2014
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Cost: 1000PKR (under $10): since we contacted the schools to provide their students’ free confidence building session to their students. In result, they had to cover all the marketing materials along with Hi-Tea.

Method: We targeted 30 high capacity school inside the country to organize this new chain, and promote Boost The Confidence. Our first session was warmly welcomed by “Grafton College Islamabad,” and their pre and post-event posts both in school and social media played a significant role for us to reach to the new market. Of course, during the event, we played Boost The Confidence videos and shared the tickets and contact details with the audience.

Goal: To Promote Boost The Confidence without spending high budget.

Result: After finding out TTM as quality and life-changing event, the demands of Boost The Confidence increased so as the curiosity.

Next Stage: The setback due to blast on Army Public School Peshawar, and a new start for MYO.

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