Recalling BTC: How I turn an event into a Brand? | Episode 5

The fifth and sixth stages are based the “Guerrilla Marketing” to survive in the crucial situation when the activities were shut down throughout the country. This marketing campaign also helped us to get coverage on the news channels and ticket sales.

SPreading Smiles

Stage 5 | The revival of “Spreading Smiles” chain to restart the activities after its shut down in the country.   Every type of event was shut down across the nation due to the terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar on December 16, 2014. It scared the people out of attending any gathering, and the owners closed their venues. Even our motivated organizers and officials stayed inside their homes, so the government was in no mood to allow any high-volume activity in the province again. Still, somebody had to take a step to bring back the smiles to the public faces and equip them with the confidence to come out of homes.

Method: By the new year we organized “Smile! It’s Sunnah” campaign: “Sunnah” is an Islamic word considered as the holy, but a good habit. We presented flowers to the public, police officers, beggars, pedestrians, even kids to bring back what the city had lost in the last two weeks.

Spreading smilesResult: An affordable flower was so worthy that it was able to bring back the colors to the city.
Next Step: The brave step to the important gatherings. Note: In the memory of the school martyrs, I am using this black background with a lighted candle, because “a small sized pen is heavier than the heaviest weapon.”

Stage 6 | Before getting into the final strategy, let me introduce you to our “Guerrilla Marketing” strategy that helps us in circulating the message in no time. Four days left!
Bost The Confidence dates: February 18 & 19, 2015 Cost: 0 | Since the Sponsor provided the hall and projectors Coverage: Electronic and Print media & Professional Photographers Untitled-1The people stopped coming out of their homes to attend the gatherings due to the school attack on December 16, 2014. Though we tried the Spreading Smiles campaign in the city on New Year eve, still a high volume gathering was in significant need. MYO was the only platform throughout the state to organize the screening for the major battle of the cricket world cup 2015 between India and Pakistan. One of the boldest steps taken in those circumstances to wipe out the fears and encourage the public to come out of their homes.

Result: We succeeded to fill up 80% of the hall capacity and got coverage on live news channels, followed by the next day newspapers. The coverage helped us to deliver the message of the event to the wide-range of audience and ticket sales.

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