Recalling BTC: How I turn an event into a Brand? | Grand Finale

After sharing so many memories from different stages of Boost The Confidence, finally we are at a stage to share about the grand finale. What went wrong on the day, and how we overcome those things? I will share them in a short summary of this episode.

10974470_846191305422429_2027563318246841791_oStage 7 | How a flop day turned into a successful brand? Moreover, how this article promoted the brand on Linkedin? Bost The Confidence dates: February 18 & 19, 2015 Full Cost: $150 | Since printing, multimedia, and hi-fi tea were sponsored.

Method: We introduced a new photo series with a green background, and shared them with pictures created suspense on social media. Day 1 started with a very low turn-out, but the social media trick did attract more people to the venue in that scary situation. The day ended with a moving speech of the president to boost up the participant confidence for day two, and it did the trick to bring more people on day two.


Though the situation of the city was at worst along with rainy weather, still these tricks helped us to recognize the brand in the market by newspapers and social media coverage. It was the last season of the event, and it helped to introduce new entrepreneurs in the market, also encouraged the other organizations to follow the lead. Last but not least, this series and the hashtags also enabled me to introduce the event to you all “Yeah! I mean the international market”.

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